About us

We create success stories where others give up

Our story

It is hard to make progress on your own. At the very beginning, we brought laptops from home, made a cup of coffee and started a long conversation of how to make the best fintech project ever.

We were not sure whether this achievement is possible but we certainly knew that our advanced business, design, software and innovation language would help us to communicate this problem somehow. So far, we have done three bright fintech projects.

DebtPay – web service for debt management.

DePaS – debit payment system on the blockchain for the SAP ecosystem.

Finsplit – mobile p2p calculation application.

If the coffee does not end (and it will not end))) we will be even closer to this goal.

Our mission

Ilon Mask wants to conquer Mars, while the Russians want to seize the Moon. Jupiter is very far away, and Venus is too hot. What remains to us? We decided not to fly anywhere, stay on Earth and work on our web services and mobile applications. We decided to create our own family of successful earthlings united by common achievements.

We will also improve the world, bring tomorrow closer and benefit humanity. But mostly we will earn money honestly. We invite you to join those who feel bad in space.

Meet the team

Igor Matskevich

CEO & Founder

Intellect, drive, collegiality and integrity these are the principles of Igor's daily business activities. He challenged his ex-partners and new competitors by opening new fintech projects after ups and downs. Igor can spot fintech trends early based on his deep domain expertise. His new brainchild is a studio with a kick-ass team of great talents the name of which is ITHub.

Valeryia Kanapelka

Scrum Master/ Manager Assistant

Valeria's actions concentrate on the efficiency of development practices and challenges to organization. Introduction of the agile management framework, removing any impediments to progress, facilitating meetings, manage conflicts these are the fields of application her knowledge. In other words, Valeria's obligation is to do anything possible to help her scrum-team become self-organized and perform at their highest level.

Oleg Zgolich

Chief technical officer

Oleg is a highly motivated and intelligent IT-expert with strong willpower and good leadership skills. More than 10 years in Web development. Dozens of successfully completed projects. FullStack developer (Backend/Frontend/Mobile).

Evgeniy Fedichev

Product Manager

Evgeniy is a Product Manager with experience in IT more than 10+ years. His goal is to make successful projects with big value for millions of users. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Business Administration and Management.

Roman Skobialko

Project manager

Roman has experience in personnel management. Understanding of Agile Project management methodologies. Experience in using project planning tools and software packages helps him to manage and track project results. He is non-conflict, sociable and cheerful person.

Viktoria Zgolich

Front-end developer

Victoria is a result-oriented front-end developer with over 2 years of experience in wed development. She uses HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Twitter, Bootstrap, jQuery. She is a specialist with an eye for detal and a passion for high performance.

Sergey Selihov

Software Engineer

Sergey is innovative, accomplished Software Engineer in agile development methodology with over 2 years of experience architecting, developing and implementing cutting- edge solutions for diverse project. He has expertise in designing, constructing and deploying applications using a variety of tools and architectures.

Iryna Akhramovich

UI/UX Designer

Iryna is UI/UX designer with a passion for clarity and information design. She creates intuitive web sites and functional users interfaces. Iryna is a specialist with research and design skills and use her creativity to evaluate and produce products that are safe, effective, and satisfying to the intended users.

Artem Khreshikov

Software Engineer

Artem is a responsible person. He always does his job in such a way that he can be proud in the future. This includes not only guaranteeing the quality of its code, but also lobbying for better coding. He has experience working with various CMS, API as well as HTML3, CSS3, LESS, SASS, ReactJs, react- native, redux.

Tatyana Bardashevich

Chief investment officer

Tatyana has Executive Euro MBA diploma {Maastricht University}. She speaks advanced English as well as business Language. After managing software companies, she focused on the investment part of the business. Her expertise in cross-cultural communications and ability to empathize the investor needs, deliver great returns for both investors and founders.

Egor Agapov

Software Engineer

Egor has outstanding knowledge of computer science algorithms (data structures, methods of algorithms, graph theory). He has been continuously engaged in the improvement of computer security. Egor delivers high level of working on PHP(laravel),JS, CSS, HTML.